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How to use plugs from Belarus in Kyrgyzstan

Plugs, sockets, adapters and other information needed for travelling from Belarus to Kyrgyzstan in this page. If you want a report for other countries, re-start the wizard to find to electric adapters for your trip here.

Quick Chart at-a-glance

  Belarus Kyrgyzstan  
Voltage: 220V. V. icons/exclamation2.gif icons/exclamation2.gif  
Plugs Type: C. C. icons/teeth.gif  
Hertz: 50Hz. Hz. icons/note.gif  

If you are electrical savvy, perhaps the previous chart is all you need. If this is not the case, you can continue reading and discover what the chart is saying!

Plugs and Sockets at each country

In Belarus the following plugs are used: (includes Minsk, Brest, Vitsebsk, Homel, Hrodna, Mir, Njasvizh.)

Belarus' Plug Type C
Plug Type C
Belarus' Outlet Type C
Outlet Type C

... and in Kyrgyzstan you will use: (includes Bishkek, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Karakol, Jyrgalan, Naryn, Cholpon-Ata.)

Kyrgyzstan' Plug Type C
Plug Type C
Kyrgyzstan' Outlet Type C
Outlet Type C


Take care: Kyrgyzstan uses lower voltage than Belarus

Your electric devices from Belarus will be expecting 220 Volts, but Kyrgyzstan grid is of Volts, this is a substantial difference that requires you to take some extra steps in preparation to your trip:

On the positive side, nowadays many devices will switch automatically to the network voltage and they will work just fine, i.e. mobile phone chargers are typically multi-voltage (but please, do actually check your own). It is important that you pay attention to your device's voltage. Connecting electronics to the wrong voltage, in the luckiest of the cases, the device will break or stop working temporarily; but please don't take this lightly, in the worst of the cases electrocution and fire hazards are a real possibility.

An automatic power supply suitable from 100 Volts to 240 Volts. An automatic power supply suitable from 100 Volts to 240 Volts.

High-power devices don't usually handle different voltages due to the high-currents involved i.e. anything that its main purpose involves generating heat (or cold) like hair driers, baby bottle warmers, kettles, etc. On the contrary, modern low-power devices are likely to auto-detect and auto-adapt to different voltages i.e. usb chargers, laptop chargers, etc.

A hair-dryer showing its consumption of 2000 Watts at 220 Volts A hair-dryer can consume up to 2000 Watts, like the one in the picture above, due to the high power they usually work in one voltage system; this one is suitable for 220-240 Volts systems.

You will need a step up voltage converter a device that can be plugged to volts and it provides an outlet with 220 volts for your Belarus' device. You will need to pay attention to the maximum power output of the converter and the maximum power consumption of the device.

Plugs Type

Same connectors

Ideal situation, all the connectors used in Belarus are also used in Kyrgyzstan. You will not need any adapter (but please check voltages and the other sections of this report). Congratulations!!!!


You are lucky, you don't need an adapter.

Adapters you can buy

You can buy the following multi-purpose adapters from Amazon. Please also take a look at the recommended gadgets for your trip.


No equal Hertz

This is not a big issue. Unless you are using an electric alarm clock or some motors when speed is an issue. Explanation: Some alarm clocks uses the frequency of electricity network to measure time. So, time shifts could be experimented. Almost every home electronic device works perfectly with different Hertz.

Finally, by the way ...

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