A lot of plugs


Guide for the traveller with plugs

Ok, you are in Cuba, you use power plugs/outlets similar to the following picture(s):

Plugs Type A Plugs Type B Plugs Type C Plugs Type L
Plug Type A Plug Type B Plug Type C Plug Type L
Plugs Type A Plugs Type B Plugs Type C Plugs Type L
Outlet Type A Outlet Type B Outlet Type C Outlet Type L

( If this is not correct, perhaps your plugs are from another country's system. You can start again choosing another country of origin. As an alternative, you can use our wizard by plug type, choosing exactly the plug you have in your hands. )

Considerations for the Cuba

We have been informed about new buildings in Cuba using 220V instead of 110V. We could not verify this information enough in order to update our database. Nevertheless, please do exercise special care as connecting a 110V device into a 220V outlet will very likely destroy the electric-device and it is dangerous.

The Last Question

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